THings have been quiet around the blog, partly because I have just had a week of mocks, and partly because blogger won't let me put photos in my posts. And photo-less posts are so dull when you're writing about knitting (as we are about to see!).

I have finished Grandma's Unst socks (well, I haven't weavd in the ends, but, knowing me, that won't be done untill christmas eve) and I started knitting a pair of Canal du Midi for Mum. I'm already past the heel, despite it not being the quickest sock pattern. I guess the progress might have something to do with the three i-tutorials I watched for college on Thursday. I find a little bit of sock makes Solicitors Accounts go a whole lot faster!

I also nee dto knit some socks for Pop, but since he has size 11 feet and they are going to be plain stocking stich and grey, it's not too appealing a prospect. And I think I need more yarn, too. I'm thinking of dabbling in toe-up in order to make them more interesting to knit. If I have to knit enormous, dull socks I might as well learn something at the same time.

Yesterday, while in the pub with one of my tutors (!)(and I wasn't the only one there - nothing dodgy. and he's gay) I found out that all the tutors gossip about us students (not really a surprise) and now all my tutors know I knit. That I don't mind, after all, I did tell one of them, but I do slightly mind that the one I was in the pub with judges me for it. Ahh, one more thing about which he can openly mock me. I guess knitting lawyers are a rare thing!

Maybe I could start a trend!?!

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