Hee hee! I made my own blog. I don't plan to actuall tell anone about it; at least not for a while, but I think it could be fun. I love reading other knitting blogs so much that I just fancied trying my own. And I think it might force me to keep track of all of my knitting (and not just shove unsuccessful things under the bed, never to be seen again).

I decided a while ago to limit myself to 4 projects at once. At the moent I am knitting:

1. Kerry-Lynne's blanket. This is a patchwork of mitred squares and is going to be a house warming gift, but I think I am kiddind myself if I really believe I will finish it before I go to Cardiff.

Hurrah! I managed to add a photo! Next stop world domination. Or just the other 3 projects, which are way more interesting than 48 garter stitch sqares (there's some lace involved). But they will have to wait because right now I need 'feep'.

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