Don't make me

This is totally not knitting-related, but I just need a little rant.

There was a busker on the tube today. That's unusual in London, but it was not unwelcome (at first). I was not in the best mood and a little bit of music to perk me up would have been nice. But the first thing he said when he introduced himself was how rude the last carriage had been. Then he sang his song, which I recognised, and know all the words to (although I can't remember what it was off the top of my head - just one of those 80s songs that I think we are all born knowing, because we don't know how we know it), but he was so mumbly that the words were really hard to make out. Now, I know some people are all about the melody, but for me it's the lyrics (check out my Drew Barrymore-ness). I just love the words in songs. There are heaps of songs I like only for the lyrics. There are none I like just for the music. So I didn't think this busker was very good. Simon Cowell would have agreed with me too, I think.

Then, half way through the song (he didn't even give us the whole thing) he stopped to collect money, but before he went around he started being really rude, saying 'if you want to pretend to not deal with what's in front of you, that's fine' in a really sarcastic tone. Then, when not many people paid him (and I didn't, clearly, and I have been known to tip buskers in the past) he insulted the whole carriage again. He launched into a whole speech about discerning between good and bad buskers like discerning wine, and how wine lovers have posh voices. It was totally offensive, but my main problem was that I had consciously discerned - AGAINST HIM!!!


I feel a little bit better now.

More of the big pink thing knitting now.

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