With a turnaround time of less than 24 hours, this hat was an FO before the blog even knew it was a WIP! It was also a majorly fun knit. It's named after it's intended owner.
It's knitted from the same yarn as my faaabulous Harmony jumper (some aran weight alpaca/ merino blend from Prestige yarns), so it was a good stash buster. It pretty much finished what I had left form Harmony. It was 108 stitches on 4.5mm needles (Denise circular, the pink ones) and after a little bit of 2x2 rib I just had some fun with cables. Some travelling, some twisting. The I decreased the top in my usual 'type A' way.
And just because it's so rare for me to have a picture of myself that I actually like (apart from my GIANT hand!), here's me in the hat.

But wait...
The best part is...
That the hat has a fan!! I put it up on Ravelry this afternoon when I finished it and this evening someone has marked it as something they love. A hat I designed! Someone I don't know has looked at a picture I took of a thing I designed and knitted and, without encouragement, objectively and openly attached their name and a little pink heart to it. I am beaming, I tell you. Beaming.
In other news: The name of this blog no longer makes sense. But I'm keeping it because Tooting Baby is no kind of pun at all (and no, I'm not a U2 fan. I'm a wordplay fan).

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