This blog just gets duller! I have lost part of the charger for my camera (my theory is that it was stolen at the same time as my computer monitor. They didn't take the lead for the monitor, and the lead for the charger is missing. I reckon they got their wires crosses. sorry!) so I can't take photos, of put them on my computer. Actually my sister's computer (till I get a new monitor). It's driving me a little bit loopy; I was just getting into this whole keeping-track-of-my-knitting thing.

It's also reeeaaally annoying, because I can't put any photos of my FOs on Ravelry. I want to make my profile look really cool so that when I finally work up the guts to ask some of my heroes to be my friends (right now I have no friends) It won't seem so doomed. But right now I have the lamest profile EVER!

For an over-achiever I'm really not doing so well. Must get on that.

To do:
Buy new charger lead.
Buy new monitor.
Get a Flickr account.
Spruce up my Ravelry page.
Go to SnB and find people to be my friends.
Make virtual moves on all the bloggers I aspire to being friends with.

Thinking about it, I also need to make this blog better, so that I can start commenting on other blogs without shame, so that then other bloggers will know who I am and my virtual moves won't seem so wrong.

Aah, the challenges of trying to participate in a community which you have been quietly observing from the sidelines for 3 years. I wish me luck (If I didn't know that knitters are so nice I would think I need it!).

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