Half term

I'm waay too tired to write anything intelligent or funny. I had my business accounts exam this morning (fine, thanks) which rounded off a less-relaxing-than-hoped week off. Not in a bad way, it's just that I have done more this week than I thought I would. More revision, since mocks are looming (it feels so wrong to be revising in October) and, yesterday, a very fun trip to the Natural History Museum with brother, sister in law, nephews and niece.

Very fun, but goodness, so tiring. I genuinely don't know how people menage to have children. I was exhausted after half a day. So exhausted that I didn't make it to SnB. But it was totally worth it to see them all. It was just fantastic to spens dome quality time with some of my favourite people.

But not a lot of knitting this week. I started another hat - a lacey one this time. But I'm not entirely sure whether the colour is nice or nasty. I think it is only knitters' denial which makes me think that it has a possibility of being nice.


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