Hey hey. One figure eight cable later and here are some long-overdue photos.

Firstly, a big pink scarf. I knitted it for a friend who I thought needed something to wrap around her. Sorry that the photo is so bad. The lace pattern is 'falling leaves' and I gave it a moss stitch border and picot cast on and off edges.

These are socks destined for my sister-in-law's birthday. It's a good job that I got the camera sorted before I have to put these in the post. They are the twined cable socks (I can't remember the exact name off the top of my head) from Knitting on the Road. I loved the pattern. Like all the socks in that book, they are complex enough to be fun to knit but simple enough to memorise and knit on the tube.

How I love to knit socks on the tube! Yesterday there were even a group of people in my carriage talking about me knitting in sign language. That's a reaction I have never had before.
Here's my arty shot of the socks. The yarn is colinette jitterbug, and the needles were 2.75 mm. But I ran out of yarn on the second one, so after a little bit of surgery and a shopping trip, they both have grey Regia toes! I'm still really pleased with them though, and I hope the recipient likes them.

And finally (oh crap - I forgot to rotate), my jumper. It's Harmony from Rowan Classic Style and I love it. I should take a photo of it on me because I have never knitted a jumper that fits as well as this one. I looooove it.

Looooove it.

Life is better when there are photos!

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